Granite Planks / Pedestals / Aluminium Under structure – Warranty

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Granite Planks / Pedestals / Aluminium Under structure – Warranty
1 Granite Decking UK Ltd (company number 12800236) (GDUK) warrants to its client / customer
upon the terms of this document that any materials supplied, notably granite planks, pedestals,
aluminium under structure, shall be free of material defects for the period of:
Granite planks – 50 (fifty) years
Pedestals – 25 (twenty five) years
Aluminium under structure – 25 (twenty five) years
From the date on which the materials were delivered to the customer / client where the goods are
then installed.

2 GDUK shall only have liability under the terms of this warranty in respect of any goods that have
not been paid in full by the client / customer.
3 GDUK forfeits any liability attributable as a result of improper installation or misuse of the goods
in respect of transportation, and or distribution and storage on site.
Force majeure
4 Any event out of GDUK’s control including but not limited to natural disasters, severe weather
and or temperatures, fire, flooding, air and environmental conditions. Any omission from client /
5 GDUK cannot accept liability in respect of any warranty claims for:
a. Loss of profit
b. Loss of sales
c. Business loses
d. Loss of contracts
e. Damage to goodwill
f. Economical damage / loss
g. Negligence in contract
h. Movement / distortion, collapse of ground
6 No other person apart from the client / customer shall have the right to enforce the warranty, nor
can the warranty be assigned to another, unless made in writing and signed by one of the GDUK
7 Any contract of sales shall be subject to the laws of England and Wales.
Making a claim
8 If within the aforementioned warranty period stated, the client / customer reports defect in the
goods supplied by GDUK, that could result in a claim against GDUK under this warranty then as
soon as possible after such a discovery, the client / customer shall notify GDUK in writing to the
following email address After such notification the customer shall
provide GDUK with such information as requested by GDUK in order to assess the validity of the
warranty claim.
9 Should GDUK determine that the client / customer’s claim is valid, GDUK will replace the
defective goods with the same or best equivalent at the time.