Want to learn more about granite decking systems? We’ve answered the questions that our customers often ask us so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for.

Q: Why should I choose granite decking?

A: Granite is a highly durable material that maintains its contemporary appearance throughout its long lifespan. Unlike other materials used for outdoor decking, granite doesn’t warp or splinter over time and its resilience ensures that it can withstand all weather conditions. Its surface remains relatively cool to the touch during the summer, while its excellent slip- and frost-resistance ensures that it is a safe choice throughout cold and wet periods.

Q: What other advantages are there with granite decking?

A: Our granite decking is fully accessible – individual planks can be removed to allow access to the void space beneath, without disturbing the integrity of the retaining grid or undermining the stability of the overall system. The pedestals that we use are also highly adjustable and can be used to create a finished floor height that is level within an overall tolerance of ±3mm, even when the system is installed on top of an uneven static base. Our decking is also installed with small preformed gaps between adjacent granite planks so that water can quickly drain away from the surface, preventing unsightly pools of rainwater and minimising the risk of moss build up.

Q: What components make up the granite decking system?

A: Our granite decking systems consist of three key components. Height-adjustable pedestals are fixed to the underlying base surface using a waterproof adhesive. These are used to create a level finished floor height and can even out any discrepancies within the surface. An aluminium frame is then laid over these pedestals, creating a grid that supports the granite decking planks.

Q: What is the benefit of an accessible void space?

A: Being able to lift and remove individual granite planks creates easy access to the void space below and makes it possible to install a range of services beneath the decking without undermining the stability of the wider system. This could include electrics, pipework, temperature controls, or lighting – anything that you’d like to keep neatly out of view. The loosely laid granite planks can be quickly and easily replaced if needed, while the underlying system ensures that the surface remains stable whether one plank or an entire section is lifted.

Q: What accessories can be applied to granite decking?

A: We can provide a range of accessories for granite decking, including steps, ramps, handrails, or fascias made from our granite planks. We can also create cut outs for grommets or lighting, heating, and air conditioning services.

Q: Can I install the decking myself?

A: Yes, our granite decking systems can be purchased directly from us and, due to their simple structure, can easily be fitted by a competent installer. We’ll provide all the materials you need, along with a simple installation guide.

Q: Do you provide a supply and installation service?

A: Yes, we offer a full installation service for your granite decking system and any of our available accessories. Depending on the scale and complexity of the project you have in mind, we may need to conduct a site survey beforehand. As part of this service, our in-house health, safety and environmental manager will produce and provide a site-specific risk assessment and method statement for your project.

Q: Do you provide a warranty?

A: Yes, all the components used within our granite decking systems are covered by warranties. We will discuss these with you during the enquiry process so that you’re clear on the details that apply to your specific granite decking system.

Q: What accreditations do you have?

A: Granite Decking UK has a number of accreditations that reflect the quality of our processes:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems)
  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems)

Q: Is your granite quality checked?

A: Yes, all our granite is accompanied by a declaration of performance which demonstrates that it conforms to BS EN 1341, the industry standard for ‘slabs of natural stone for external paving’. This certification outlines the necessary standards relating to resistance to compression, resistance to ice/thawing, flexural strength, slip resistance, water absorption, density and porosity, and abrasion. Our sister company, Granite Setts UK, has worked with our team in Portugal since 2016, so there is an assurance of the granite’s quality as it leaves the quarry, as well as when it arrives in the UK.

Q: How is the granite decking packaged?

A: Our granite decking is packed by the tonne on wooden pallets that allow four-way pallet entry for ease of movement. The edges of the stacks of granite are protected and the pallets are wrapped and strapped for security.

Q: How much granite should I order?

A: Our granite decking is measured by the square metre. We recommend that customers buy at least 5% more than the measured square meterage to ensure that they have enough granite to cover wastage (though this will also depend on the number of cuts required and the setting out of the grid). We also recommend a site survey or drawings so that you can be sure of your requirements.

Q: Is granite shockproof?

A: Yes, granite has a high shockproof factor and is extremely unlikely to crack or chip. The underlying structure of our decking systems also ensures that the granite planks are independently supported and cannot collapse into the void space below.

Q: What granite plank sizes do you offer?

A: Our standard granite plank dimensions are 900mm x 225mm x 30mm and 750mm x 250mm x 30mm. These dimensions are considered the most suitable for decking and can be produced easily, providing the best product performance for the best possible rate. However, we can also supply our decking in non-standard dimensions if required.

Q: What colour options do you offer?

A: We currently offer four colour options for our granite decking: silver grey, dark grey, fine grain light, and pink.

Q: Which finishes do you offer?

A: Typically, a finish is applied to the top face of each granite plank and each remaining face is sawn. This top face provides the ideal grip for an outdoor decking system, and it can either be sandblasted or flamed to produce the necessary surface variation of a few millimetres.

Q: Does the granite need to be sealed?

A: It isn’t necessary to seal the granite planks, though some customers may choose to do so in order to create a permanent ‘wet’ appearance that draws attention to their natural features. We’ve provided examples of the change in colour between dry and wet granite on our colour guide page.

Q: How was Granite Decking UK formed?

A: Granite Decking UK was formed when Managing Director Ken Mansfield spotted a gap in the market for a high-quality decking product that took full advantage of raised flooring technology. Having enjoyed success in the raised flooring industry since 1993 with his company Fieldmans Access Floors Ltd, Ken’s background meant that he had the necessary experience to create the ideal underlying structure for raised decking systems. However, it was only after setting up Granite Setts UK in 2016, a company that supplies granite setts, kerbs, and paving, that he understood the potential that this natural stone had as a decking material. As a result, Ken decided to combine the knowledge and experience within these two existing businesses, creating Granite Decking UK to promote this new solution throughout the UK.

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